Toolkit - Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines



The Implementation Toolkit was designed to assist health care settings in maximizing the potential of CPGs, through systematic and well-planned implementation.

It was also designed to accompany the nursing best practice guidelines (NBPGs) developed by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) in order to facilitate their implementation.

The likelihood of success in implementing CPGs increases when:

  • -A systematic process is used to identify a well-developed, evidence-based CPG;
  • -Appropriate stakeholders are identified and engaged;
  • -An assessment of environmental readiness for CPG implementation is conducted;
  • -Evidence-based implementation strategies are used that address the issues raised through the environmental readiness assessment;
  • -An evaluation of the implementation is planned and conducted; and
  • -Consideration of resource implications to carry out these activities is adequately addressed.