Tobacco Intervention eLearn Courses


These FREE interactive web-based courses aim to help health-care professionals learn simple and effective techniques to talk to their patients about tobacco intervention.

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The following eLearns are located under the Mental Health and Addictions and Tobacco Free Section on the eLearn page:

1) Coming soon in 2018: Tobacco Use and Cessation for Youth and Young Adults in Canada

2) Coming soon in 2018: Integrating Tobacco Interventions Into Daily Practice

3) Nurses and other health professionals helping clients quit smoking

Nurses and other health-care professionals have many opportunities to help people address their smoking habits. Learn enough to get you started right away on conducting brief interventions on smoking. 

4) Nurses and other health-care professionals who smoke

Nurses and other health professionals who smoke may feel conflicted because of intimate knowledge and experience with the consequences of smoking. This course aims to help nurses who smoke feel comfortable discussing the benefits of smoking cessation with their clients. 

5)  Nurses and other health professionals supporting tobacco use cessation in clients with mental illness and concurrent addictions

This course provides information on the recommendations in the Smoking Cessation Best Practice Guideline and provides an in- depth view of the statistics and prevalence of smoking among clients with mental health issues, myths surrounding this population and medical considerations.

6)  Working to reduce commercial tobacco use in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities in Ontario

This course addresses the special considerations that need to be taken into account when nurses and other health-care providers are working with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis clients to assist them in reducing commercial tobacco use. This course aims to provide culturally appropriate smoking cessation interventions that can be used with clients who smoke. 

7) Supporting pre- and postnatal women and their families who use tobacco

This course includes the topics: smoking while pregnant, harm reduction approaches, applying intensive interventions using a woman centred approach, and nicotine replacement therapy for pregnant women and relapse.