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The FREE Tobacco Free RNAO resources, including posters and pocket guides, have been designed to accompany RNAO's Integrating Tobacco Interventions into Daily Practice (2017) Best Practice Guideline (BPG) and support widespread implementation.
These resources allow nurses and other health-care providers to keep important tobacco cessation information close-at-hand.

Nursing Faculty Education Guide (NFEG)


The RNAO has developed the "Nursing Faculty Education Guide (NFEG): Tobacco Use and Associated Health Risks"  to assist Nurse Educators in integrating smoking cessation content into the curriculum.

Action on Tobacco Control: Action Kit for RNs

This kit provides tools to lobby federal and provincial governments on tobacco legislation and control

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The following products are available for purchase online. Click on a product title to view the details. 


Pre- and Postnatal Resources


Deciding to Quit Smoking (Health Education Fact Sheets). New version coming soon.


Integrating Tobacco Interventions into Daily Practice (Third Edition) Best Practice Guideline (BPG)


Educator's Resource - Toolkit: Implementation of clinical practice guidelines


Tobacco Free in 1 to 3: Pocket Guides


Toolkit - Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines


The Implementation Toolkit was designed to assist health care settings in maximizing the potential of CPGs, through systematic and well-planned implementation.

It was also designed to accompany the nursing best practice guidelines (NBPGs) developed by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) in order to facilitate their implementation.

The likelihood of success in implementing CPGs increases when:

Tobacco Intervention eLearn Courses

These FREE, interactive, web-based courses aim to help nurses and other health-care professionals learn simple and effective techniques to talk to their patients about tobacco intervention.

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