Smoking Cessation in Nunavut


As part of the national smoking cessation initiative, the RNAO will be holding Smoking Cessation Champion workshops across Canada. These national workshops are launched this upcoming week - in Iqaluit, Nunavut!

Nunavut is an optimal place for the kick-off of these training sessions. The smoking rate in the territory is alarmingly high. Currently, 53% of the people smoke. That's the highest rate in the country! - About 35% above the national average (18%).

The RNAO Smoking Cessation Champions workshops in Nunavut this week will train nurses, nursing students, nursing faculty, and other health care professionals about how to integrate smoking cessation best practices into their daily practice.

Visit the blog for more updates this week regarding the RNAO's work in Canada's youngest territory!


[Check out this article from the Ottawa Citizen for some more information about smoking rates in Nunavut.]