Sharon Lawler, RN, BA, MEd

Sharon Lawler is a Co-Director and the Manager of ‘Leave The Pack Behind’ (LTPB) at Brock University. Since the year 2000, when this program was initiated with 7 campuses, Sharon and her colleagues have designed and implemented LTPB – an innovative, evidence-based tobacco control initiative for young adults, that uniquely combines peer-to-peer programming and clinic-based, smoking cessation services.

LTPB is now on 40 Ontario campuses. Sharon is part of the team that researches young adult smoking behaviours and quitting preferences. She is co-author of a self-help smoking cessation program for young adult post-secondary students (“Smoke|Quit”), as well as a resource booklet for their ‘buddies’ (“u know u want 2… help a friend quit smoking”).

Sharon has presented results of LTPB programming and research at numerous provincial, national and international conferences. Sharon has 20 years experience as a public health nurse with Regional Niagara Public Health and has been working with training health professionals to implement tobacco interventions since 1995. She has a Master of Education from Brock University.

Sharon was a panel member for both the development and the revision of the RNAO Best Practices Guidelines for Smoking Cessation for nurses. Currently, she is a member of the Smoke Free Ontario, Cessation Task Group. To help make nurses aware of the importance of reaching out to patients who smoke, each semester Sharon presents the Best Practice Guidelines to student nurses at Brock University.